PP/PE film washing line

1.This PP,PE washing and recycling line is used for crushing,washing and drying the waste contaminated PP,PE plastic ,such as PP,PE film,PP fiber waste,PP,PE agricultural film,shopping bag,PP,big-bag, industrial packaging film and waste films.

2.This PP,PE film washing and recycling line can be made by customer’s requirement and according to customer’s material condition.The capacity can be designed by customer’s requirement from 300-2000kg/h.

3.The recycled material can be used for directly sale ,pelletizing,injection molding,extrusion and film blowing.

4.This       PP,PE film washing and recycling line is mainly consist of the following machines: Belt conveyor,metal detector ,crusher,screw feeder,high speed friction washer,floating washer,dewatering machine and drier.

5.Machine list

No Machine Qty
1 Belt conveyor 1
2 Metal detector 1
3 Crusher 1
4 Screw feeder 1
5 High speed friction washer 1
6 Floating washer 1
7 Friction washer 1
8 Dewatering machine 1
9 Hot air drying system 1
10 Silo 1
11 Control cabinet 1

Remark:Acrroding to different material and material condition, the line can be different.